The Powerful Presentations workshop addresses the specific challenges of oral communication and targets proven techniques to deliver presentation content in a manner accessible to the human ear. Topics include:

  • Developing your message: planning content, building credibility and choosing words for impact
  • Drafting a powerful script or effective presentation notes
  • Mastering the medium: creating effective presence and controlling nervousness
  • Creating effective visual aids: using visual means to explain complex material
  • Interpreting the audience: non-verbal clues, kinesics and proxemics
  • Handling Q & A

Optional One-on-one Coaching:

One-on-one sessions provide individual coaching to address personal issues and include helping individual participants prepare presentation content, assisting them to move from script to outline, reviewing and editing powerpoint slides, videotaping the presentation, and analyzing delivery style for effectiveness. The videotape is reviewed in a confidential and supportive setting to empower participants to make changes and develop powerful presence.


Presentation Constraints

  • Understanding the business environment
  • Corporate style: clarity, congruity, directness

The Message: Developing Content

  • Planning: deciding what to communicate
  • Developing powerful openings and closings
  • Organizing: preparing and sequencing ideas
  • Choosing words for impact: appropriate vocabulary
  • Creating effective visual aids: using visual means to explain complex material

The Medium: Effective Delivery

  • Creating effective presence: body language, voice, eye contact
  • Addressing cross-cultural concerns
  • Mastering nervousness: tricks and techniques

The Audience: Perfecting a Consultative Style

  • Interpreting non-verbal clues: body language and distance
  • Handling Q and A: anticipating questions
  • Inspiring buy-in: sharing information and enlisting contribution