Power Writing: Vigorous Business Language

Workshops that teach participants to develop a crisp, clear, energetic, concise voice: how to write with few – but powerful – words, concrete nouns, dynamic verbs, minimal jargon. Special attention is given to various techniques for conciseness and directness.

Professional E-Mail

This workshop addresses the staggering lack of professionalism in many e-mail messages. Participants are taught the importance of composing a talking subject line, limiting content to one screen, using effective visual layout, minimizing attachments, maintaining appropriate tone.

Writing Executive Summaries

The Writing Executive Summaries workshop addresses the specific difficulties that writers of reports and larger documents face when condensing content into executive summaries or executive briefings.

Drafting Persuasive Proposals

Proposals are persuasive documents that can be internal or external, solicited or unsolicited, short or long, informal or formal, oral or written. This workshop teaches participants how to write a multi-purpose proposal that appeals to reason (organized presentation of specific and concrete facts, analyses, figures), emotion or self-interest (information must be tangibly beneficial to the reader), and credibility (your ability to do the job).

Editing with Respect

This workshop teaches collaborative or mentoring approaches to editing, and stresses overcoming writer defensiveness, empowering writer ownership, representing the reader, and making editing a respectful process through active listening and supportive feedback. Because the Editing With Respect workshop reviews the fundamentals of sound editing, it naturally reviews principles behind good business writing. It is an ideal vehicle for reviewing writing with a senior audience; managers are reminded of these skills in a format acceptable to most.

Team Writing: How to Write Collaboratively

Workshop that addresses the challenges of collaborative writing: how to successfully assemble a complex structure authored by a team. Participants master current techniques behind a team approach to writing: successful brainstorming and outlining, designing effective storyboards, creating a writing schedule, revising to avoid mistakes common to collaborative writing.

Managing Team Presentations

Team presentations are the norm rather than the exception in many organizations. But team presentations are far more complex than individual speech. This workshop teaches fail-safe techniques to ensure that your team presentation coalesces into a unified whole, rather than sounding like an unrelated series of individual talks.

Write To Speak: Preparing Presentation Content

Participants learn what makes presentation content effective: how to write for the ear, how to open and close powerfully, and how to make conceptually-difficult content come alive.

Write To Speak: Preparing Content for Others

Among your tasks in corporate life may be to write a speech for someone else. Issues of ownership or personal style can complicate the process of developing a speech for a senior. Learn how to avoid the common “hot spots.”